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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Film Review

Director   "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" is one of the best movies that made by adapting a book, written by Roald Dahl. The movie mas made by "Tim Burton" who is a well known filmmaker, who makes fantasy movies including this movie, Charlie and the chocolate factory. The movie was released in 2005 as a Family and Fantasy  movie. The movie nominated for more than 50 awards including Academy Awards and has won other 15 awards. Tim Burton's well known movies are "Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, Sweenie Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, Men in Black III" and many other films. Plot Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) is the owner of the best Chocolate Factory in the world who makes chocolates and distribute them to the whole world. But recently for some reason he decides to release five Golden Tickets in five separate chocolate bars as a competition. And the 5 winners gets a tour of the c

Apocalypto Film Review

Director Apocalypto is one of the most unique movies, that is made in the film world ever. The uniqueness of the movie is the way of the storytelling and the way how they have narrated it. "They" means the film crew including the director. The film was directed by "Mel Gibson" in 2009. Even though, this movie can be added to the "Greates Movies of All Time" list, because of it's Novelty and the Freshness. Mel Gibson is an award winning Actor, Director and a Producer who has won 2 Academy Awards and more than 40 film award nominations. His well known movies are "Braveheart, Leathal Weapon, Ransom, Conspiracy Theory, Fatman, Force of Nature, The Professor and the Madman, Dragged Across Concrete, Daddy's Home 2, Blood Father, The Expendables 3, Machete Kills, How I Spent My Vacation, The Brain Storm, The Beaver, Edge of Darkness, Complete Savages, Paparazzi, The singing Detective, The Simpson Film Festival, We were Soldiers" and many more ot

Blue Velvet Film Review

Director "Blue Velvet" is one of the most powerful movies that had made in Cinema history ever. The movie was released in 1986 which was written and directed by "David Lynch" the maestro. David Lynch is a alternative filmmaker that brought a new era of storytelling to the World Cinema. Blue Velvet movie has nominated for many awards and have won many including National Society of Film Critics Award in 1986. Plot Jeffrey, while walking through a field near his house, he finds a severed human ear which brings him curiosity to search. So he joins forces with a detective's daughter to solve the mystery. The storyline of the screenplay has developed to it's maximum standard and it hooks the audience ver y easily. And it keeps the audience engage with movie. Jeffery Beaumont is a College student who returns to his hometown to look after father's hardware store while he is in hospital. Walking through a grassy field near the home, Jeffrey finds a severed human

Joker Film Review

Director  "Joker" is one of most unique and highest grossed DC movie ever. It was made by "Todd Phillips" who is a well known acclaimed filmmaker in the world cinema industry. His well known films are "Hangover, Old School, Due Date, Road Trip, War Dogs" and many more films. He wrote and Directed Joker film in 2019 and won many awards including Academy Awards. Plot A mentally disordered man, Arthur Fleck who is a party clown lives with his mother in Gotham city. And he has to face the reality and the society. The movie goes within this certain points, which is a mentally disordered man turns into a  crazy villain  that kill people, because of the society's wrong perspectives. This is a very emotional and a satisfying movie. Basically it's because of the storyline and the screenplay. By the way this is a DC movie. But that doesn't matter when you watch it and you forget everything you had in your real life for a moment. And I guess that is "

Forrest Gump Film Review

Director "Forrest Gump" is an Academy Award winning movie that was Directed by "Robert Zemeckis" in 1994 which is a Drama / Romance movie. "Eric Roth" was the screenwriter of the movie who has nominated for many awards including Academy Awards. Forrest Gump was a highest earned movie of all time in Hollywood. The movie grossed over 683.1 USD. Plot Forrest Gump is a man who born with a low I.Q level who lives with his mother. His mama teaches him how to live and to find his own destiny through fighting the problems that he have. And the friend he only have is Jenny, who is there at anytime for Forrest. And ofcourse Forrest has a crush on her, Jenny. Forrest Gump starts to go on his journey with in his own way. Forrest gets a football scholarship and eventually becomes a running man who has his own story. After all Gump wins the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. And after that, Gump the ping pong champion owns a shrimp boat, and a millionaire stockholder, runs acro

Blackkklansman Film Review

Director  Blakkklansman is a true story that made into a film by "Spike Lee" who is a well known filmmaker in the world cinema industry. "Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, She's Gotta Have It, Jungle Fever, Black - ish" are some his acclaimed movies. And in iFilm Reviews we would like to share this post to the Critical American Movement that upholds black lives, #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Plot As a summary I would say that "Blakkklansman" is a movie that is on racism and that stand against racism. This is a phenomenal movie that had made in Amercan film history. The movie was written by Spike lee and his co - writers Charlie Wachtel and Kevin Willmott. This was an adapted screenplay which won an Academy Award for the "Best Adapted Screenplay in 2019. Ron Stallworth was the Colorado first Black Police officer who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan, and Stallworth with his white partner took down the attackers, that was planned for Black Activists. (Spike lee was ag

American Beauty Film Review

Director The "American Beauty" movie is a well known movie that has won many awards including Academy Awards which was released in 1999. "Sam Mendes" is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time and he is the creator of the movie American Beauty. The writer of the movie is "Alan Ball" And today our film review will be on American Beauty. Plot Lester Burnham, the protagonist of the movie is having a respectable job and a life, but deep in he is sexually frustrated and is going into depression, having issues with his wife and daughter, and in the middle of these he gets infatuated with his daughter's friend, Angela. In this middle life Lester faces to the crisis.  American Beauty is a comedy but after you finished watching the movie you'll realize that the movie was a tragedy. "I'll be dead in a year" lester starts his story with this specific dialogue. From the beginning of the film the director tells us about the crisis of

The Circle Film Review

Director "The Circle" is a Horror / Sci - Fi movie that was released in 2015 in USA. The movie was made by "Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione" . Aaron was director of well known TV show "The Vault" . The Circle film was a mystery for many people, because of the plot of the movie. Plot The plot is so simple. But creating it and writing it down to a screenplay is the most difficult part in filmmaking. The plot is about a fifty strangers locked in a black anywhere they are standing on a circle. But that's not an usual circle, it is a death trap. So the survivors have to find a way to get away from this trap. But they couldn't move, if they moved they will be dead immediately. The whole movie runs in a one location. And they find out that they have to vote to a person and the person who gets most votes dies. So basically this is the plot, but the fifty strangers have their own discussions. The story is brings you some subplots to the movie that the audien

Don't Breathe Film Review

"Don't Breathe" is one of the most thrilling horror movies that ever made. It almost nails everything. This is a masterpiece and I first of all I would like to recommend this movie to the movie lovers all around the world to watch the movie and leave a comment on your thought on this movie. Director "Fede Alvarez" is the maker of this movie or you could say the Film Ditector. He his well known as a Horror / Thriller filmmaker. And he is well known for his movie "Evil Dead" . And the movie has grossed all over the world. Overall Fede is a successful filmmaker who has balanced his career in a middle path of filmmaking. Story The story is about a trio of friends (Alex, Rocky, Money) who break into houses as their living. Alex has a crush on Rocky, but Rocky's boyfriend is Money. And they get an information about a house which the owner is a blind person, and they plans to rob the house. But Alex doesn't like to rob that specific house, he enters

Birdman Film Review

Director Birdman is one of the most cinematic films ever made in the world. The movie Birdman was made by "Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu" who was nominated for many International Awards and who has won many Academy Awards in a row. Alejandro is a Film Director, Screenwriter and a Producer. His last feature film was "Revenant" . We'll talk about the Revanant movie later on. Story So the story of the movie is "A washed out actor who is struggling again to come through by his own Broadway production by writing, directing and starring. But he cannot forget his past as a Commercial actor who acted in the famous movie Birdman. He tries to get rid of the past, but the past is still in front of him. He couldn't get away with that.  But those are his profession issues and career issues. But how do he engage with his family? His Daughter? and His ex - wife? Yes it is a disaster. His daughter is on her own way and he couldn't be near her because of his career a

The Platform Film Review

What will happen if you will be prisoned in a vertical cell that have a certain level number each and two people per cell and one platform of food for each of every levels, and the main thing is there are more than 250 cells. Yes it's called "The Platform" Directing Style The directing style of the movie is very unique and it is more effective to the viewer and easy to engage with the movie. The Director of the movie is "Galder Gaztelu - Urrutia" who was nominated for 5 awards and has won 8 awards. His other well known films are, "913, La casa del lago" Cinematography They have captured very specific emotions through perfect narration, and that credits goes to the cinematographer of the movie. "Jon D. Dominguez" the cinematographer of the movie has done a huge role in this place. His well known films are, "Bombs Scared, Open Windows, Nogociador, Artificial, Lucas, Anomalo, She Lost Control, En Plan Romantico" . Film Editing "Th

Vivarium Film Review

"Vivarium" was made in 2020 by the Film Director Lorcan Finnegan. The story was written by Lorcan Finnegan and Garret Shanely as a original screenplay. Lorcan has made many feature films throughout his career including Vivarium. "Without Name, Foxes, Changes" are some of his influential work" . He was nominated for many film awards and won seven awards from them. Cinematography The cinematography of the movie Vivarium, has done by Macgregor who is a Film Director, Cinematographer and a Photographer. Some of his qualified works are, "18 Seconds, The Mauritania Railway, Los Angeles 1991" . He has won three awards for his influential movies. The cinematography of Vivarium has done by some professional techniques, such as matching with the color palette and shooting many scenes under low key lighting. It has brought a new perspective to the movie. Film Editing The edit of the movie has done by Tony Cranstoun who has done many movies and who has many e

Christopher Nolan's Secret?

Christopher Edward Nolan is a British and American Film Director, Producer and a Screenwriter known for making unusual films in Hollywood mainstream. His filmmaking have grossed over USD five billion worldwide, garnered 34 Oscar nominations and won 10 of them. Nolan's work were highly appreciated by other filmmakers, film critics all over the world. And he is pointed as a most influential film maker of all time. First Feature Film  Christopher Nolan's first feature film is " Following " which is released in 1999 April 02 in USA. The film is about "A young writer who lives in London, follows people to use their lives in his novels, but it becomes an obsession and he finds himself going further than intended" Memento Christopher Nolan's second film is "Memento" which has won many awards and was released in 2000. The story of the movie is about "An insurance investigator, (Leonard Shelby) suffers from anterograde amnesia and uses notes and t

Guillermo Del Toro's Fantasy

Guillermo Del Toro Gomez is a Mexican Filmmaker, Author, Actor and a Special Effects Makeup Artist. And of cause he has won Academy Awards for his films. Del Toro is known as a Fantasy filmmaker and a low budget filmmaker all over the world. And as an author, Del Toro has written many novels and in 2016 he created the Netflix animated series "Troll hunters". The First Feature Film  The first feature film of Del Toro is "Cronos" which has won many Awards including Ariel Awards. The synopsis of the story is "Antique dealer Jesus Gris stumbles across Cronos, a 400 year old scarab that, when it latches onto him, grants him youth and eternal life, but also a thirst for blood. As Jesus enjoys his newfound vitality, he's unaware that a dying old man, Dieter De La Guardian, has sent his nephew, angel, to find the  scarab and bring it back to him. But Jesus will not give immortality up easily, even risking the life of his orphan granddaughter. Mimic Guillermo Del T

Tarantino's Next Film

Quentin Tarantino is an American Filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, actor who has won many International Awards including Academy Awards, Cannes Awards. Tarantino is known as the Violence maker of Films. He said that he would only make ten movies for his career and that he will stop making movies after his 10th movie. My Best Friend's Birthday Tarantino made a film called "My Friend's Birthday" which is a black and white movie released on 1987. It was written by Quentin Tarantino and Craig Humann.  Tarantino's First Feature Film  Tarantino's first film as a career is "Reservoir Dogs" which was made in 1992. This film is about "Six criminals hired to steal diamonds, do not know each other's true identity attempts for a heist. Tarantino's Second Film  "True Romance" was the third film written by Tarantino. But the the second movie he made was "Pulp Fiction" which won "Palme d'Or" and the "Academy Awar