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American Beauty Film Review


The "American Beauty" movie is a well known movie that has won many awards including Academy Awards which was released in 1999. "Sam Mendes" is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time and he is the creator of the movie American Beauty. The writer of the movie is "Alan Ball" And today our film review will be on American Beauty.


Lester Burnham, the protagonist of the movie is having a respectable job and a life, but deep in he is sexually frustrated and is going into depression, having issues with his wife and daughter, and in the middle of these he gets infatuated with his daughter's friend, Angela. In this middle life Lester faces to the crisis. 

American Beauty is a comedy but after you finished watching the movie you'll realize that the movie was a tragedy. "I'll be dead in a year" lester starts his story with this specific dialogue. From the beginning of the film the director tells us about the crisis of a man who is frustrated by everything. Job, family, neighbors etc. Lester's role is played by Kevin Spacey who is well acclaimed Actor in USA.

Carolyn, Lester's wife has more work than having even a small conversation. She is frustrated from her inner too. Jane, Lester's daughter who is saving up for breast implants. "Both my wife and daughter thinks I'm this chronic loser" these dialogues are very emotional when it comes to the play. These dialogues are not just dialogues, they reveal something under of a life, just like an iceberg.

But with all of these topics Lester Burnham doesn't stop dreaming or thinking of Angela who is his daughter's best friend. Is it wrong a 40 year old man to have an affair with a teen girl, yes legally it must be wrong. But how can a man stop and put  his emotions into a cage?

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

So when it comes to the process of the film, I mean making of the film, at that this must be a one of a kind movie and that maybe the reason to win more than 100 awards for this movie. And again awards cannot say whether it's a good movie or not. The film crew including have done a great job by bringing this screenplay to life. It is a not an easy task to make this kind of movie to make, especially to write this kind of a movie. And the major shooting credit must go to cinematographer who is "Conrad L.Hall" who many awards including Academy awards. 

An another major credit goes to the gaffer who has done the lighting process neatly. "Huston Beaumont" is the rigging gaffer of the movie who is well known for lighting "Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park 3, Waterworld" movies. An the other major credit must go to the editors of the movie, "Tariq Anwar and Christopher Greenbury" who are well known film editors in th industry.

Acting and Casting

When talk movies and movie making a major thing cannot leave talking is Acting. The acting performances of this film are phenomenal. As Constantin Stankislavsky said "Real acting is more powerful rather than imitating" and that has worked for this very film on today even. When I was watching the movie mainly my eyes got attention of Kevin Spacey's acting performance. He is a phenomenal actor. And overall acting performances were very perfect and the cast director had done his job 100% correctly.  "Debra Zane the Casting director of the movie who is well known for "The Hunger Games, Catch me if you can, Dream girls, Morning" and many other films.