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Apocalypto Film Review


Apocalypto is one of the most unique movies, that is made in the film world ever. The uniqueness of the movie is the way of the storytelling and the way how they have narrated it. "They" means the film crew including the director. The film was directed by "Mel Gibson" in 2009. Even though, this movie can be added to the "Greates Movies of All Time" list, because of it's Novelty and the Freshness. Mel Gibson is an award winning Actor, Director and a Producer who has won 2 Academy Awards and more than 40 film award nominations. His well known movies are "Braveheart, Leathal Weapon, Ransom, Conspiracy Theory, Fatman, Force of Nature, The Professor and the Madman, Dragged Across Concrete, Daddy's Home 2, Blood Father, The Expendables 3, Machete Kills, How I Spent My Vacation, The Brain Storm, The Beaver, Edge of Darkness, Complete Savages, Paparazzi, The singing Detective, The Simpson Film Festival, We were Soldiers" and many more other films.


In the Mayan forest when a young man's presence is brutally disrupted by a violent force, he is taken a perilous journey to a world rule by fear and harm and he has to get the chance of fate to save his wife and children. And we travel through his journey.

Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) is a man that who live in the Mayan forest. It is a civilization that living by surviving from various incidents and problems. The movie narration brings a unique way to the plot and to the story that gives us, audience a Novelty. And that keeps the the audience engaged with the movie very much.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

The cinematography, lighting and of course editing of the movie was spot on. Those particular subjects keep making the movie more natural and visually strong. The cinematographer of the movie is "Dean Semler" who has won 1 Academy Award and 14 other wins and nominated for 10 more awards. His well known movies are "Dance With Wolves, Mad Max 2, Dead Calm, The Patriot, Firestorm, Saturday, Playing with Fire, Sandy Wexler, The Do Over, The Ridiculous 6, The Last Witch Hunter" and many more other films.

The gaffer of the movie is "James J. Gilson". His well known movies are "2012, The Postman, The Do - Over, Mayans M.C, Sandy Wexler, First they Killed My Father, 24 : Legacy, The Ridiculous 6, The Last Witch I Hunt, Field of Lost Shoes, Ray Donovan, Maleficent, House of Lies, The Goldbergs" and many other films.

The editor of the movie is "John Wright" who has won 4 awards and was nominated for 7 nominations including Academy Awards. His well known films are "Speed, The Hunter for Ref October, X - men, Heaven is for Real, A Belfast Story, Secratariat, The Incredible Hulk, The Passion Of the Christ" and many other movies.

Acting and Casting 

Movies are an amazing experiences when we watch it for the first time, But it is just gets vanished after the first time. But for me, this movie is still a huge experience for me, even when I watch it for the hundred time. And the acting performances of the actors kept me watching the movie for every time. And their performances was just phenomenal and smooth. The Casting was also spot on for the characters. The special casting was done by "Alejandro Reza" who was well known for making "Elysium, Sicario 2 : Soldado, How I Spent my Vacation, Mentada De Padre, The Noble Family" and many more other films.