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Birdman Film Review


Birdman is one of the most cinematic films ever made in the world. The movie Birdman was made by "Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu" who was nominated for many International Awards and who has won many Academy Awards in a row. Alejandro is a Film Director, Screenwriter and a Producer. His last feature film was "Revenant". We'll talk about the Revanant movie later on.


So the story of the movie is "A washed out actor who is struggling again to come through by his own Broadway production by writing, directing and starring. But he cannot forget his past as a Commercial actor who acted in the famous movie Birdman. He tries to get rid of the past, but the past is still in front of him. He couldn't get away with that. 

But those are his profession issues and career issues. But how do he engage with his family? His Daughter? and His ex - wife? Yes it is a disaster. His daughter is on her own way and he couldn't be near her because of his career and possessions. He keeps missing his life.

Riggan Thompson (Michael Keaton) the protagonist of the movie is a depressed person who has failed in his career by leaving his commercially success movies. But his inner voice is to become an actor and to die peacefully. But his past doesn't allow it. It grabs Riggan's thoughts to a different point. And it is not something that does by someone, ofcourse it is done by him, Riggan.

While Riggan working on the production of the Broadway his new co actor falls in love with his daughter who is not good with her dad. But Riggan's past keeps touching him and he has to take a decision on commercial acting and act in a movie or play that has a quality content.

When we talk about the real production of the movie Alejandro has pic one of the greatest film crews ever. You will find out why I said this statement when you watch the movie. Only good vibe film crew can make this kind of stories to life, so the credit goes to all the film crew that made this movie a real one, good one.


You will realise how smooth the movie was and how were you comfortable while watching the movie. A main reason for that is the Cinematography of the movie, which has done by "Emmanuel Lubezki" who is a Academy Award winning cinematographer. And ofcourse this film is a one take shot. Which means no edits. But in this specific movie there are some edit points but the director and the crew have managed to hide them show the movie as a one long shot. And huge credit must go to the film cinematographer. Because this kind of a story would be nothing without of a professional cinematographer's eye.


And another maintenance point to talk about the movie is Acting which has been perfect for the film. All the actors have done a great job in the movie including the junior artists. The acting was so natural and pure as it is, and it has a huge novelty that the audience can engage through the movie and their performances. If you over act in a performance of a movie or if play your character so badly, it will ruin the whole movie and the whole effort of the team. So in this movie they have managed to do their performances well and they have done many rehearsals, we can say that by their performances.