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Blackkklansman Film Review


Blakkklansman is a true story that made into a film by "Spike Lee" who is a well known filmmaker in the world cinema industry. "Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, She's Gotta Have It, Jungle Fever, Black - ish" are some his acclaimed movies. And in iFilm Reviews we would like to share this post to the Critical American Movement that upholds black lives, #BLACKLIVESMATTER.


As a summary I would say that "Blakkklansman" is a movie that is on racism and that stand against racism. This is a phenomenal movie that had made in Amercan film history. The movie was written by Spike lee and his co - writers Charlie Wachtel and Kevin Willmott. This was an adapted screenplay which won an Academy Award for the "Best Adapted Screenplay in 2019.

Ron Stallworth was the Colorado first Black Police officer who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan, and Stallworth with his white partner took down the attackers, that was planned for Black Activists. (Spike lee was against with the movie "Birth of a Nation which was made by D.W Griffith as it is a propaganda racism movie).

Ron Stallworth, the character of the movie is played by John David Washington who is the son of a Legend, Denzel Washington. So Ron Stallworth (John David) was interviewed as the first Black Police officer of Colorado. "We've never had a black police officer" Ron Stallworth was told by the interview. So here is beginning for a new mission. The movie begins from here. After all Ron Stallworth is assigned to infiltrate a black student's group of former black panther "Kwame Ture". And story starts moving forward from this specific incident. Ron Stallworth and his White partner plans to infiltrate the Klu Klux Klan with the support of Colorado Police Department.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

To make a successful film there must be a good storyline, plot and a screenplay. But is that enough to make a good movie? After writing a good screenplay the first thing is to bring that screenplay to life is the production. And when we talk about production the main thing comes to our mind is Cinematography. The main cinematographer of the movie is "Chayse Irvin" who has nominated for 5 awards and won 3 awards for his films. He is well known for making "Hannah, Beyoncé: Lemonade, Sampha: Process, Ending, James Bond" and many more films. And the other major thing we must give the credit is for the film lighting. The main gaffer of the movie is "Colin Quinlan" who is well known for working "Sherlock Holmes, Cop Out, Meet Dave, Meet Joe Black, Set It Up" and many other films. And last but not least topics is Film Editing. Editor is the one who takes the final draft of the movie to the audience or to the viewer. The editor of the movie is "Barry Alexander Brown" who was nominated for 2 Oscar's another 1 win and 10 other award nominations. His well known movies are "Do The Right Thing, Inside Man, ,Oldboy, Hell's Heart, Lonely in America" and many more films.

Acting and Casting 

And the finally topic that we have to talk definitely is the performances of the actors. Because if the performance of an actor fails, the whole production of the movie is in a danger. But you'll realize in this movie I hadn't caught any of bad acting of any actor. I'm not talking about over acting. It's a different topic. But the performances of the movie was out of space, they just nailed it. And the Casting Director had done his job very well, you'll realize how real were the characters and how much they matched for their roles. The casting director of the movie is "Kim Coleman" who has nominated for 8 awards and 2 wins. She is well known for casting in "Harriet, Lovecraft Country, Dear White People, Sleeper Cell, Ali, Blood Ransom" and many more films.