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Don't Breathe Film Review

"Don't Breathe" is one of the most thrilling horror movies that ever made. It almost nails everything. This is a masterpiece and I first of all I would like to recommend this movie to the movie lovers all around the world to watch the movie and leave a comment on your thought on this movie.


"Fede Alvarez" is the maker of this movie or you could say the Film Ditector. He his well known as a Horror / Thriller filmmaker. And he is well known for his movie "Evil Dead". And the movie has grossed all over the world. Overall Fede is a successful filmmaker who has balanced his career in a middle path of filmmaking.


The story is about a trio of friends (Alex, Rocky, Money) who break into houses as their living. Alex has a crush on Rocky, but Rocky's boyfriend is Money. And they get an information about a house which the owner is a blind person, and they plans to rob the house. But Alex doesn't like to rob that specific house, he enters to the house because he had an affection on Rocky. And now the movie starts. The director of the movie has planned to keep the audience engage with the movie and he got correct on that point because he brings tension and that thrilling feel from the start of the movie. Yes, this is not a ghost movie. There are no ghosts, but believe me this is gonna change the way you have seen horror movies before. The movie brings you to the edge of your seat at every ten minutes.

When we talk about the story we couldn't leave the other main topic that brings a story into life. That's the film production. The film crew has done a great job on creating this story into life. Because this is not an easy film to make. "To make a very good film is a Miracle" once Alejandro Gonzalez said.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing

When it's come to the shoot of the movie, which is the main part of the production, the crew including the director had managed to make the movie very smoother for the audience to attach with the movie very easily. And the director of photography and the gaffers are on spot on of the lighting movie. The cinematographer of the movie is "Pedro Luque" and the gaffers of the movie is "Sean T. Kelly" and "Balazs Vakar". And the edit of the film was so unique and the rythm of the film was so satisfying with the music. The edit will be nothing without the music and rythm of the movie.

Acting and Casting 

Watching the movie for the first time I thought why would they have pick these actors? But at the end of the movie I realised that they are the most suitable actors for the characters. So the cast director had done a great job by casting the most suitable actors. The cast director of the movie is "Katalin Baranyi" who did "World War Z, Spy Game" and many more commercially successful films. And when it comes to acting my favorite character in the movie is the Blind Man (Stephan Lang). He has done a great job on the role. Not only Stephan Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minette and Daniel Zovatto also had did their character roles nicely.