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Forrest Gump Film Review


"Forrest Gump" is an Academy Award winning movie that was Directed by "Robert Zemeckis" in 1994 which is a Drama / Romance movie. "Eric Roth" was the screenwriter of the movie who has nominated for many awards including Academy Awards. Forrest Gump was a highest earned movie of all time in Hollywood. The movie grossed over 683.1 USD.


Forrest Gump is a man who born with a low I.Q level who lives with his mother. His mama teaches him how to live and to find his own destiny through fighting the problems that he have. And the friend he only have is Jenny, who is there at anytime for Forrest. And ofcourse Forrest has a crush on her, Jenny. Forrest Gump starts to go on his journey with in his own way. Forrest gets a football scholarship and eventually becomes a running man who has his own story. After all Gump wins the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. And after that, Gump the ping pong champion owns a shrimp boat, and a millionaire stockholder, runs across the America.

The movie flow goes on and the way of storytelling is more effective for us, audience to understand what's going on. And Robert Zemeckis has done a great job and made this movie a real deal. And that's a one point to, that this film is a Universal movie. The forrest gump movie will be never removed from our hearts forever.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

Cinematography, lighting and Editing which are the most important apart from the screenplay, in filmmaking and in film production. Cinematographer can capture a realness of an incident or a situation that made on a set by the crew. But to capture the real feeling you need to add most effective ingredients to make the scene more powerful. And to spread it, you need a strong timeline. That's the place where the editor comes to play.

The cinematographer of the movie is "Don Burgess" who was nominated for many awards including Academy Awards. His well known films are ,"Contact, Castaway, The Conjuring 2, Wicked Spring, The Evening Star, Skateboarding's First Wave, Witches" and many more films. The Editor of the movie is "Arthur Schmidt" who has won many awards including Academy Awards. His well known movies are "Pirates of The Caribbean, Back to the Future, Contact, The Labryinth" and many more films.

Acting and Casting 

I cannot think if an actor except Tom Hanks for this role, Forrest Gump. Because he is the most suitable actor for the role and he had that capacity to enroll in the character and perform out the real expressions and emotions through the performance. The each and every actor of the movie was spot on. And they had done their performances very well as natural. And it is a important point to be relaxed and be naturalistic in a performance. Every actor cannot do that, but in this special movie the actors were legendary, and more memorable. All the credit goes to the actors. The casting director of the movie is "Ellen Lewis" who has won 2 awards and nominated for 24 awards. His well known movies are "The Departed, The Wolf Of Wall Street, A league of their own, Shitter Island, Queen Gambit, The Irishman" and many more well known movies.