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Joker Film Review


"Joker" is one of most unique and highest grossed DC movie ever. It was made by "Todd Phillips" who is a well known acclaimed filmmaker in the world cinema industry. His well known films are "Hangover, Old School, Due Date, Road Trip, War Dogs" and many more films. He wrote and Directed Joker film in 2019 and won many awards including Academy Awards.


A mentally disordered man, Arthur Fleck who is a party clown lives with his mother in Gotham city. And he has to face the reality and the society. The movie goes within this certain points, which is a mentally disordered man turns into a  crazy villain  that kill people, because of the society's wrong perspectives.

This is a very emotional and a satisfying movie. Basically it's because of the storyline and the screenplay. By the way this is a DC movie. But that doesn't matter when you watch it and you forget everything you had in your real life for a moment. And I guess that is "Cinema".

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

To make an unique, masterpiece like this you need a crew that has extraordinary powers. I'm kidding. All you need is a crew that can work together and put all the effort for the making of the movie to bring the story alive. And that will be an extraordinary movie, just like this one.

The cinematographer of the movie is "Lawrence Sher" who was nominated for 20 awards including Academy Awards and has won 2 awards. His well known movies are "The Hangover, Garden State, Godzilla : King of the monsters, Father Figures, Captain Jack, Wear a mask bat dick, Daughter" and many more films.

The lighting has being a huge part of the movie and it has helped the cinematography part very well. The lighting technician of the movie is "Connell Burke" who is well known "The First Purger, The Post, A Rainy day in New York, Katy Keene, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Goldfinch" and many more films. 

A film edit can give a new approach for a film and gives a complete different feel to the audience and keeps engaging each time. The editor of the movie is "Jeff Groth" who was nominated for 8 awards including Academy Awards. His well known movies are "War Dogs, Project X, The Wedding Ringer, Valley of the Boom, Deadly Class, Offuce Christmas Party" and many more films.

Acting and Casting

If you have seen the film you must know that the movie is a R rated movie and of course it is a violence full movie. But have you ever think how hard to act and perform in a movie like that. Joaqin Phoenix who was the actor performed the role Joker trained for many months for the role. But not only physically, but also he was trained inner acting as well for the performance. And he nailed that performance too. But again have you ever think how do they choose these actors for the roles. Yes the secret is "Casting". The casting director of the movie is "Shayna Markowitz" who was nominated for 2 awards and won 2 awards including BAFTA Film Awards. His well known movies are "The Hunger Games,  Total Recall, Jo Jo Rabbit, The best of enemies, Last Supper, Ocean's Eight, Sas & Jake, Bloodline" and many more films.