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The Circle Film Review


"The Circle" is a Horror / Sci - Fi movie that was released in 2015 in USA. The movie was made by "Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione". Aaron was director of well known TV show "The Vault". The Circle film was a mystery for many people, because of the plot of the movie.


The plot is so simple. But creating it and writing it down to a screenplay is the most difficult part in filmmaking. The plot is about a fifty strangers locked in a black anywhere they are standing on a circle. But that's not an usual circle, it is a death trap. So the survivors have to find a way to get away from this trap. But they couldn't move, if they moved they will be dead immediately. The whole movie runs in a one location. And they find out that they have to vote to a person and the person who gets most votes dies. So basically this is the plot, but the fifty strangers have their own discussions.

The story is brings you some subplots to the movie that the audience can rethink about the incidents. A main topic the director brings to the movie is "Rasicsm". Most of the characters in the movie are racists. That exact point gives us a shot on the head to rethink about what we do now, today. 

The story brings many characteristics to us viewers to see which kind of a society are we in. Even though this is a Science Fiction we get the feeling, "Is this Real?" and the movie keeps us on the edge of the seat everytime. Most of the one location movies brings us a boring feel, but in this specific movie they have managed to keep the audience engage with the movie all time, and ofcourse still it's a well managed one location movie. And this movie is a good example for becoming filmmakers, on how to make budget movies with a strong concept and a with a strong screenplay. 

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing 

If we take look at the production of the movie, I would mention it as a neat Neat production. Because the flow of the movie was a steady and so smoother for the audience. When it's come to the production, we can't miss the topic cinematography. The cinematographer of the movie is "Zoran Popovic" who did "War, Inc. , Bad Country, Bullet head" and many other films. The editor of the movie is "Tom Campbell" who did "Don Jon, Ingrid Goes West, American Haunts". The lighting has done a huge role of the movie and the gaffer of the movie is "Christopher Williams" who did "The Drifter, The Untimely Concurrence, Singularity".

Acting and Casting

When it's comes to the acting, there are fifty characters on the set. And for the screenplay it must be a tough time writing all these characters and characteristics, and successfully the writer has done his process. But when it's comes to acting the actors must bring the each characters to the floor, and make them believable to the audience. And if you watch the film you'll realize, how natural was the all actors, like we have met them real, they are around us, ours parents, friends etc. And the all credits goes to the actors. And if actors are success on their roles then the casting director has done his job already. The casting director of the movie is "Mychelle Vasvary" who did "Too late, My life as a Vide Game, Real housewives of Cleveland".