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The Platform Film Review

What will happen if you will be prisoned in a vertical cell that have a certain level number each and two people per cell and one platform of food for each of every levels, and the main thing is there are more than 250 cells. Yes it's called "The Platform"

Directing Style

The directing style of the movie is very unique and it is more effective to the viewer and easy to engage with the movie. The Director of the movie is "Galder Gaztelu - Urrutia" who was nominated for 5 awards and has won 8 awards. His other well known films are, "913, La casa del lago"


They have captured very specific emotions through perfect narration, and that credits goes to the cinematographer of the movie. "Jon D. Dominguez" the cinematographer of the movie has done a huge role in this place. His well known films are, "Bombs Scared, Open Windows, Nogociador, Artificial, Lucas, Anomalo, She Lost Control, En Plan Romantico".

Film Editing

"The edit" the most important thing of filmmaking. I say it because the audience or the viewer finally see the editors craft and that is the final film. If the editor goes wrong the film is down. But if you have seen this film the you'll realise that how success is the editor.


To make a successful film is a good screenplay and a good direction is essential. But if the acting failed in the process, invane of your screenplay and direction. But according The Platform the actors have done a great job. The naturalness of the acting of the performers brings a believableness to the viewer or the audience.


When it comes to lighting, it has done a huge role in the movie. There are some low key lighting scenes and highly contrast scenes in the movie, and they have managed to keep them balance and not to annoy the viewer or the audience. The Gaffer of the movie is "Eduardo Gonzalez".

Production Design

There are more than 250 cells in the platform and each of them is similar. But if you think making of the food platform must be a difficult task. But the production team has success it easily by the teamwork and effort. If you cannot take your eyes from a movie then a one thing is best at is the Production Design.

Costume Design

Another main thing to keep an audience engage with a movie is Costumes. But if the costumes get highlights than the story or actors of the movie then it's not a good thing for a good movie. You must stay in balanced, when it comes to costume designing. The costume designer of the movie is "Iratxe Sanz" who worked in Money Hesit TV Show.

Makeup Design

The makeups are done in the movie is very natural. And a normal viewer cannot find whether the actors are makeuped or not. And that is a successful point in filmmaking, to keep as it is. This will not apply for all movies, according to the screenplay they get different. The makeup artist of the movie is "Amaia Zaballa".


Last but not least, another major point in filmmaking is casting. If you don't have the correct actors to act then film is going to fail definitely because whatever your film is, finally the story is going to the audience through Actors. So that point is where the casting directors comes to play. The casting for platform was perfect if you have seen the movie already, but if you haven't seen it, I say you to take look at the movie it's worth watching.