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Vivarium Film Review

"Vivarium" was made in 2020 by the Film Director Lorcan Finnegan. The story was written by Lorcan Finnegan and Garret Shanely as a original screenplay. Lorcan has made many feature films throughout his career including Vivarium. "Without Name, Foxes, Changes" are some of his influential work". He was nominated for many film awards and won seven awards from them.


The cinematography of the movie Vivarium, has done by Macgregor who is a Film Director, Cinematographer and a Photographer. Some of his qualified works are, "18 Seconds, The Mauritania Railway, Los Angeles 1991". He has won three awards for his influential movies. The cinematography of Vivarium has done by some professional techniques, such as matching with the color palette and shooting many scenes under low key lighting. It has brought a new perspective to the movie.

Film Editing

The edit of the movie has done by Tony Cranstoun who has done many movies and who has many experiences in the filmmaking industry. Some of his best films are "The Royale Family, Love,Rosie , Without Name". The edit of the film is very unique, because the cinematography and lighting brings emotions, textures and by the edit it even gets more effective.


The gaffer of the movie is Antoine Bellem who has done well know movies in the industry. Some of his best films are, "JCVD, The kid with a Bike, Pulsar, Coquelecots". The lighting and shooting of Vivarium must be harder because of the low key lighting, but I think the lighting department including gaffer has achieved it when we look at the movie.


The actors in the film is spot on. I will talk about casting later on. But when it comes to acting, each of their acts are very natural and unique, and the main thing they don't imitate, they create their performances by recreating things. But when it comes to Jesse Eisenberg I feel a bit dull watching him acting, but I realised that is the way of the character and it brings us a boring type of the movie each time and It is done by the actor and the director very consciously.

Production Design

The Production Design of the movie brings an effect to the viewer. Including Mise - en - sen. The designer of this production is Philip Murphy who was nominated for 3 Emmy's and won 3 International Awards. His well known films are, "Reign of Fire, King Arthur, Penny Dreadful, Legend, Short Order".

Costume Design

The designer for the movie costumes is Catherine Marchand who was nominated for 3 awards and won 3 awards. And the costumes in the film is great in my opinion. Because it's very natural and it's easy to the audience to believe in the story. Her well known films are, "Danish Girl, Marina, No Man's Land, Hunter".

Makeup Design

The makeup is also very natural in this movie, so the viewers can engage with the story very easily. The makeup artist of Vivarium is Niamh O'Loan who did "Brooklyn, The count of monte Cristo, Criminal, Ready Player One".


The Casting Director of the film is Toby Spigel who worked in "The Girl with all Gifts, John Carter, 47 Meters Down, Get Duked, This land alone, A modest Defeat".