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Avatar Film Review


Avatar is one of the most success movies that was made in the Cinema History. And it is a movie that turned a whole perspective of filmmaking. The director of the movie is "James Cameron" who is one greatest filmmakers of all time. James Cameron is an award winning filmmaker including Academy Awards. His well known movies are "Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, Terminator 2 : Judgement Day, Rolex Celebrates the Art of storytelling, Saturday Night Live, Entourage, Duets, The Muse, Made About You, Your Studio and You, Toruk : The first Fight, Aliens of the Deep, Ghosts of the Abyss, Dark Angel, True Lies, The Abyss" and many other films.


Paraplegic marine (Jake Sully) decides to take a place in a mission on the world of Pandora after his brother's death. In exchange for the leg surgery he gathers the knowledge of  culture and race while infiltrating the military while he is using an "Avatar". Meanwhile Jake falls in love with the daughter of the tribe's leader. The screenplay of the movie was written by James Cameron in 1994. The movie was planned to be released in 1999, but at that time, the necessary technology was not available for James Cameron. The film brought new sights for the cinema industry such as, "RealD 3d, Dolby 3D, XpanD 3D, and IMAX 3D formats. And 4D formats in selected theatres in South Korea.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing

The cinematographer of the movie is "Mauro Fiore" who is an award winning cinematographer. His well known movies are "Training Day, The Island, The Kingdom, Cine Chalom, Mosul, X - Men : Dark Phoenix, In The Time It Takes To Get There, Eattogether, The Magnificent Seven, Chris Tucker Live, Southpaw, The Equalizer, Runner Runner" and many other films.

The  gaffer of the movie is "John Buckley" who is a well known gaffer in the industry. His well known movies are "Green Lantern, The Negotiator, Land Of The Lost, Rome & Jewel, Transformers : The Last Knight, Frank & Lola, The Middles, Gangster Squad, Yes Man, Rendition, Memoirs Of Geisha, A Series of Unfortunate Events" and many other films.

The editors of the movie is "John Refoua, James Cameron, Stephen E. Rivkin". These names are well known in the industry as professional film editors. Their well known movies are "Geostorm, Transformers : The Last Knight, The Equalizer, The Magnificent Seven, Southpaw, The Whispers, Sleepy Hallow, Olympus Has Fallen, 21 & Over, CSI : Miami, Balls Of Fury, Reno 911, L.A. Twister, Ghosts of the Abyss, Dark Angel, Soul Food, Soft Toilet Seats / Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End, Fantastic Four, Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest, The Jets : I Do You" and many other films.

Acting and Casting 

The top billed cast of the movie is "Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CHH Pounder" and many other professional actors. A major credit must go to the actors in the movie, because a film would be unsuccessful and nothing without the performances and the naturalness of the actors.

The Casting director of the movie is "Margery Simkin" who was nominated for 9 awards. Her well known movies are "The Little Shop Of Horrors, Erin Brockovich,In and Out, The Legend of Hallowdega, Wonder Park, Star Trek : Discovery, Birthmarked, Eye On Juliet, American Gods, Into The Badlands, The Angriest Man In Brooklyn" and many other films.