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Knives Out Film Review


"Knives Out" is a Mystery / Comedy movie which was written and directed by "Rian Johnson" who has won 35 awards and He was nominated for more than 60 awards including 1 Academy Award. Some of his well known movies are "Looper, Brick, Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi, Rogue One, BoJack Horseman, LCD Soundsystem : Oh Baby, The Mountain Goats : The Life of The World To Come, Terriers, The Brothers Bloom, The Psychology of Dream Analysis, Ninja Ko, HitRECord on TV, Evil Demon Golf Ball From Hell, Greater Than a Tiger, May, Omaha, Capone, Scare Package, Star Wars : Battlefront II" and many other films.


A detective has to find the murderer of an old novelist who died recently, and more than that he has to find the murderer from the exact same family.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing

The cinematographer of the movie is "Steve Yedlin" who is a well known film cinematographer in the industry. Some of his well known movies are "Looper, Brick, Star Wars : Episode VIII The Last Jedi, LCD Soundsystem : Oh Baby, Son Lux : All Directions, San Andreas, Danny Collins, Carrie, Girl Most Likely, Father of Invention, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, The Brothers Bloom, Tenure, American Violet, The Witness From the Balcony of Room 306, Lovely By Suprise, The Dead One, Altered, Unknown, Conversations with other women, Brick, Dead Birds, Toolbox Murders, The Psychological of Dreams Analysis, Evil Demon Golf Ball from Hell, Sugared Peas" and many other films.

The best boy gripper of the movie is "Mike Henry" who is a well known gripper in the industry. He is well known for making "R.I.P.D - Rest In Peace Department, Live By Night, Patriots Day, City On A Hill, Godzilla : King Of The Monsters, Suspicion, Smilf, I feel Pretty, Super Troopers" and many other films.

The editor of the movie is "Bob Ducsay" who has won two awards and he was nominated for five film awards. Some of his well known movies are "Star Wars Episode VIII : The Last Jedi, Looper, Godzilla, Zombie High, Vegas Vacation, G.I. Joe : The Rise Of The Cobra, The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, Van Helsing, Two Soldiers, The Mummy Returns, Writers Block, Rampage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, San Andreas, Jack The Giant Slayer, Season Of the Witch, Impostor, L.A. Doctor, Deep Rising, Star Kid, Tremors II : Aftershocks, The Jungle Book, Silent Victim, The Adventures Of Huck Finn, Hit The Dutchman" and many other films.

Acting and Casting

The top billed cast of the movie is "Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shanon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield" and many other professional actors.

The casting director of the movie is "Mary Vernieu" who is an award winning film editor in the industry. Some of her well known movies are "Looper, Silver Linings Playbook, Deadpool 2, Metronome (In Time), SGT. Will Gardner, Spare Room, American Dreamer, Burning Bodhi, Come Simi, Supremacy, Dark Around The Stars, Life Of a King, Trust Me, Decoding Annie, Parker, A Single shot, The Motel Life, Least Among Saints, The Baytown Outlaws" and many other films.