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The House That Jack Built Film Review


The House that Jack Built is a Thriller / Horror movie that was made by the filmmaking legend "Lars Von Trier" who is an award winning filmmaker. His work is known for it's genre an technical innovation, existential, social and political issues. He has won more than 100 awards and was nominated for more than 100 awards worldwide. His well known movies are "Dancer in the Dark, Meloncholia, Breaking the Waves, Nymphomaniac Volume : 1, Nymphomaniac Volume : 2, To Each His Own Cinema, The Early Years, The Boss Of It All, The Ediots, Europa, A World Of Difference, The Element of Crime, Nocturne, The Orchid Gardener, Hemmelig Sommer, Antichrist, Manderlay, Dogville, The Five Obstructions" and many other movies.


1970s in USA, We experience the story from Jack's perspective who is a highly intelligent serial killer. He thinks that each murder he does is a piece of Artwork in itself. And by time we experience Jack's inner conditions and personal problems and thoughts through a conversation with the unknown verge. 

The House That Jack Built was the last movie that made by Lars Von Trier. And it won more than 10 awards and was nominated for more than 20 awards. The movie was released on December 14th of 2018. The movie was huge on Violence and Blood. But it brought some major Artistic value for the movie. And that kept the audience engaged everytime we watch the movie.

Cinematography, Lighting and Editing

The cinematographer of the movie is "Manuel Alberto Claro" who has won 12 awards and nominated for more than 20 awards. His well known movies are "Meloncholia, Nymphomaniac Volume : 1, Nymphomaniac Volume: 2, Everything will Be Fine, Scandinavian Star, End of the Rainbow, Hope, Dau, Ditte and Louise" and many other movies.

The gaffer of the movie is "Grube Venn" who is a well known gaffer in the industry. And he is well known for making "The Physician, Nymphomaniac Volume: 1, Hannah Arendt, Contra, Think Big!, Auerhaus, Die RĂ¼den, Mein Lotta - Leben, Fatal Plan, Germay. A winter's Tale, The Happy Prince, The Milan Protocol" and many other films.

The editor of the movie is "Jacob Secher Schulsinger" who has won 8 awards and nominated for 6 awards. His well known movies are "The Square, Force Majeure, Nymphomaniac Volume : 1, The Untamed, Osman Og Jeppe, Killing Strangers, Fini, The Ghost Of Piramida, Deliver Us, Echo, Big Littel Lies, Come Swim" and many other movies.

Acting and Casting 

The acting performances of the movie was so natural and unique, that the audience can easily engaged with the movie. Lars Von Trier had taken more time for choosing the Actors and testing them for the movie. And I think it's a worth decision to take for a movie, to make it even more believable. And Lars Von Trier and his film crew has successfully got through the difficult parts of making the movie, including writing the screenplay. The movie was not a huge blockbuster but it have taken a great place in quality of a movie, such as Aesthetic side of a movie. And this is not Lars Von Trier's first movie that was made with more aesthetic values. 

The Casting Director of the movie is "Des Hamilton", "Avy Kaufman", "Lara Manwaring" who are award winning Casting directors in the industry. Their well known movies are "Jo Jo Rabbit, The King, High Life, Meloncholia, Perfect Sense, The Clearing, Brokeback Mountain, Syriana, Suspiria, Alive from off Center, Mandy, Anthropoid, Brimstone" and many other movies.